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Sump Pumps

Need a Markham plumber for a sump pump repair? You'll be sitting pretty with Megan Drew

Sump pumps are to your home's drainage system what rugged good looks are to Megan Drew's lasting success as a Markham plumber: the most crucial component. Functioning sump pumps ensure water drainage from the foundation of your home. When triggered, the pump will direct incoming water back outside before it can do damage to the foundation or your personal belongings.

Similar to a once-handsome face weathered and wrinkled, sump pumps are also subject to the ravages of time and toil.

Signs that you'll need to call everybody's favourite Markham plumber because your unit is no longer functioning properly are:

  • A significant amount of moisture (or even flooding) in your basement

  • Water damage to floors, walls, furnishings and finished basements

  • Mold or mildew buildup, which can cause health problems

Keep an eye out for musty, mouldy or mildew smells in your basement. Since sump pumps are exposed to water, they're susceptible to growths if left uncleaned. The pump is triggered when there is excess water detected in the sump pit by the triggering of a float switch, and if the switch is stuck or broken the pump will not activate.

Sump pumps are supposed to operate quietly, so loud or strange noises coming from the unit are a definite cause for concern.

Additionally if your pump hasn't run since the last time it rained, it may not be operating at all, which could lead to excessive flooding the next rainfall.

Sump pump

If you're looking for a Markham plumber because you fear that your sump pump is turning your drainage system into an ugly mess, contact Megan Drew, and we'll restore it back to its former glory!

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