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Water Tanks / Heaters

We can beat your heat(ing problems)

Unless you're some sort of super-human cyborg, cold showers aren't for you. Therefore, when your water heater goes on the fritz you may end up in a fairly pungent household.

Water Heater Installation

Whether or not you need a new water heater installation depends on several factors; how many people in a household, how many baths and sinks will require hot water, whether the residence or business in question is multi-level or zoned, if laundry will be done, the amount of water being accommodated, etc.

At Megan Drew we'll assess all these needs before we perform a water heater installation, and provide you with all you'll need to know to reach an informed decision.

Water Heater Maintenance

Your hot water tank can easily last a decade or more with some simple maintenance. Checking the water temperature setting, testing the temperature and pressure relief valve, and flushing and cleaning the unit are three steps you can take to ensure continued efficiency. Making sure that the temperature never exceeds 120 degrees will save money on overall energy use. If the T&P valve doesn't snap back into place when pulled out and doesn't make gurgling sounds as it releases water into the drain tube, it needs to be replaced.

Water Heater Repairs

We provide water heater repairs to all brands and models. With our expertise, Megan Drew accurately and efficiently diagnoses the problem to provide an effective, customer-friendly service.

A classic hot water tank

 Need water heater repairs or water heater installation? Contact Megan Drew if your hot water is starting to give you the cold shoulder. 

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