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Environmental Responsibilities

Raking in the green (friendly solutions)

 On top of knowing all the words to Billy Joel's "Piano Man", the thing nearest and dearest to the heart of Megan Drew is cultivating green solutions for a sustainable future. It is an integral principle and core belief of ours to set an example in our community as an environmentally responsible business.

Here are a few of our green-positive policies that ensure we practice what we preach:

Enzyme drain treatments

Caustic / acidic chemicals such as 'Drano' are hideous for the environment. Instead of dumping chemical waste into your drains to prevent or neutralize clogs, we employ the use of enzymes. They are 100% green-friendly, naturally occurring organic bacteria that safely digest detritus waste - the same bacteria grown and cultured in sewage treatment facilities and septic tanks.

These enzymes are anaerobic bacteria, meaning they don't require oxygen for growth, and safely consume and digest all organic matter in your plumbing system over time.

Waste-prevention practices

Here's how Megan Drew does everything in our power to let nothing go to waste:

  • Paperless in the office

  • Separate garbage and recycling on job sites

  • Separate metal on job sites for scrap or repurposing

  • If replacing a fixture in good working condition, we offer the old one to Habitat for Humanity

  • Ensure that our vehicles run with clean with minimal emissions

  • Plan our driving routes to avoid extra trips

  • If we can do something efficiently and proficiently by hand, we'll opt for that instead of wasting electricity with power tools

Proper drain installations

Unbeknownst to many DIYers, there are two kinds of sewer:

Storm sewers: These dump rain water straight into Lake Ontario and tributary streams with no treatment.

Waste sewers: These route sewage directly to treatment facilities to clear and filter our water.

Unfortunately, DIYers often install pipes incorrectly when installing new fixtures, so their untreated sewage can end up in Lake Ontario. It's a large-scale problem, causing the city to check old neighbourhoods for discrepancies in their plumbing.

With our expertise, we ensure that your fixtures are installed correctly and that your water is going where it's supposed to, much to the betterment of our great lake.

We do NOT install garburators

This is an issue that we simply don't budge on. Garburators increase the load on our sewer systems and add to the number of trucks travelling to a Michigan landfill where the waste is dealt with. Additionally, sink disposal units handle the exact same number of biodegradable items composted by garburators. Plus, the Green Bin program in Toronto takes care of compost needs for the city more than adequately.

The bylaws surrounding garburators can be confusing; in certain areas they are illegal, in others simply discouraged. Regardless of the local legality, we refuse to install them on ethical grounds.

We are as green-friendly as we are customer friendly. If you want to ensure your plumber is conscientious towards the environment, contact Megan Drew!

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