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About us

A story bigger than the size of our workshop


Megan Drew started from the ground up in the mid-2000s. We were just a part-time business providing top-notch plumbing services to friends. It was soon realized that we were friends with most of Markham, because with three decades of plumbing expertise stoking the flame of our inimitable growth it was only a matter of time before we, well, caught fire.


Realizing a kinship with the people of Markham and its surrounding area, our owner Doug was blind-sided by a life (and business) changing epiphany; he endeavoured upon a spiritual journey (re: hallucination) in the throes of a suicide wings challenge gone awry (pro tip: if you have to sign a liability form, don’t eat the wings).

The habanero-induced vision gave us an aim: while the immediate goal was to provide the best plumbing services to clients, our long-term aspiration was to be ingrained into the fabric of our community. There’s no reason a plumbing company couldn’t blend into the cultural zeitgeist.

During his journey, Doug also learnt his spirit animal was a duckbilled platypus… but that’s a different story for another day.

It became clear that Megan-Drew was more than a plumbing/mechanical business - it was a way of life. It was about dreaming big, living large, and evolving into an unstoppable entity. And whether you’re a member of our tight-knit crew, a valued client, or a potential customer you’ll fall in love with the pulsating energy of our enormity.

No longer a part-time gig, Megan-Drew is a full-time, full-throttle business, fully committed to providing the best possible plumbing services our community. Contact us today, and let us know what we can do for you!

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