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Maintenance packages

Prevent your profits from sinking with a local plumber you trust

Temperamental plumbing and mechanical systems can cost your business more money than Elon Musk made yesterday. Proactive, routine maintenance is crucial to ensuring that your business avoids sudden costly repairs and disruptions of the workplace.

Megan Drew prides ourselves on being a local plumber that community businesses can rely upon. Our plumbing maintenance package assesses the age, quality, and function of your plumbing system in order to design a routine maintenance schedule based on your unique needs. We implement work when it is convenient to you, helping make sure that your business runs smoothly with a minimal number of headaches.

Advantages of a plumbing maintenance package:

  • Reduces the number of expensive and invasive service calls

  • Avoids servicemen and problems interrupting business

  • Avoids costly damage from leaks and floods that often go undetected until it's too late

  • Allows you to take advantage of discounts offered to maintenance package clients

  • Regular, easy billing

  • Extends the life of your system and equipment, as we will instruct staff as to proper care and usage

  • Improves overall efficiency of your business

  • Reduces unpleasant and unwelcome odours

  • Environmentally friendly

There are several advantages to developing a relationship with a trusted local plumber like Megan Drew through routine mechanical and plumbing maintenance, but above all else we will be able to address small issues you have before they grow into monumental, costly problems.

Commercial washroom

Your business is moving too fast to deal with that sewer back-up or that leak in the ceiling that started as a simple leak or clog. A local plumber with your best interests at heart will prevent these snafus. Contact Megan Drew to find out more about our maintenance package!

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