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Cottage Services

The best plumber in Markham can be the best plumber at your cottage!

Finding a plumber for your cottage is a stressful enough ordeal that it really defeats the purpose of going to your backwoods getaway in the first place. Unfortunately, the populations in these small cottage towns aren’t big enough to have the pick of the litter when it comes to reliable tradesman. There’s likely very few servicemen you can call who’re worth their salt, and they’ll be backed up as bad as your toilet because of the demand.


At Megan Drew, we don’t take our standing as the best plumber in Markham lightly. We want to be there for our loyal network of clients at all times of the year. And, if you’re a legacy client you’ll be so happy with our services it’d be hard for any other plumber to live up to our unrivaled standards of service. So, why not bring our cottage plumbing services up north?

Open up your cottage WITHOUT a bang

Opening weekend can be a stressful time for any cottager. You’ve got to put up your dock, clear all the leaves and tree limbs, check for infestations and a whole other laundry list of work that makes you wonder if you’re even on vacation to begin with.


Most important of all is your cottage’s plumbing, namely the hot water tank and septic systems, both integral to a functioning cottage. These are both difficult tasks better left in the hands of professionals, namely Megan Drew Plumbing, the best plumber in Markham!

Shutting down cottage plumbing snafus

When you’re shutting down the cottage for the season, you’re shutting down your good times for the year. If that’s not enough of a downer, imagine turning up next year to a horrible plumbing disaster in your cabin on opening weekend—all because you didn’t follow the proper closing procedures.


You have to correctly shut off heating pumps and water tanks, drain your pipes, open up your taps, and take measures to ensure moisture doesn’t build up in your pipes. All while trying to complete your massive list of other closing tasks.


Why not make closing easier and take the plumbing off the checklist? With Megan Drew, shutting down your plumbing will be one less headache to deal with—something appreciated by our clients during Thanksgiving weekend when most folks shut down for the season!

Roughing it while you’re roughing it

When our loyal client network is building a new cottage, they certainly want their property to have the best possible bare bones. It should come as no surprise that as masters of the rough-in, we’re no strangers to Bobcaygeon, Muskoka, Haliburton and the rest of Ontario’s majestic backwoods, where we rough-in cottages with proficiency and excellence.

Wooden Cabin

Interested in hiring the best plumber in Markham to service your cottage? Contact Megan Drew to find out more about our cottage plumbing services!

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