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Rough-ins will go smoothly with the best plumber in Markham

Before connecting drain and water supply lines to plumbing fixtures such as sinks, toilets and tubs, rough-in plumbing is what goes into the space before any finish work.


Proving that we're the best plumber in Markham, Megan-Drew has mastered the art of the rough-in - learning from a wise plumbing master. He’d smack his apprentices with bamboo sticks for each misstep…sadly, they don’t let you do that anymore. As Markham's best plumber, completing rough-ins is one of our specialties, coming as naturally as eating, sleeping, and busting out a Moonwalk when Billie Jean plays on the radio.

Rough-ins consist of:

  • Routing pipes through walls, ceilings and floors

  • Running vent stacks to the roof

  • Connecting drain lines and water supplies to:

  • Septic systems

  • Sewer systems

  • Main water supply valves

Throughout most of the GTA and York Region, it’s required by law to have certain aspects of rough in be performed by a licensed, insured professional. A contractor’s work comes with pre-specified warranties on the workmanship and parts, whereas trying to go it alone could leave you with a lot of repair and flooding problems later—costing you time and money in the long run.


Rough-ins shouldn't mean a rough ride.

Choose Markham's Best Plumber, Megan Drew, masters of the rough-in and the company with the best plumbing services in Markham, and you'll be sailing smoothly into a beautiful, brand new washroom!

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