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We Take Care of Business. For Your Business.

At Megan Drew, we're THE plumbing "guy". Make us YOUR plumbing guy.

Your business needs a “guy” for everything. From items, to accounting, all the way to marketing, you need an expert to keep your business running like an undeniably profitable enterprise.

But who’s your most important guy? It’s a very vague question and we may be a little biased, but it’d have to be your plumbing guy!

If you work in an office environment, well-maintained and properly functioning plumbing is crucial for employee morale and productivity. If you work in any customer service industry, particularly restaurants, your business hinges upon functional plumbing as much as it does your product. If your plumbing is malfunctioning, it could lead to unpleasant smells and unsanitary conditions that force you to shut down operations. And if you run a restaurant, you have to have working bathrooms.

When you choose Megan Drew plumbing, not only are you choosing the best plumber Markham has to offer, you’re also choosing the most ideal “guy” the plumbing industry has to offer. We’re perfectly comfortable with the specific set of rigid laws and regulations associated with commercial facilities and the trickier and larger scale mechanical systems used by many businesses.

We're "Regulars" All Over Town

A large contingent of our network is based on relationships with local commercial businesses, including restaurants, car dealerships, grocery stores, pharmaceutical buildings, government buildings, fitness facilities, and the list goes on! These businesses also rely on our business maintenance services in order to regulate healthy plumbing and catch minor discrepancies before they become disasters!

These relationships have been cultivated because owners and decision-makers know they can rely on us to take care of any snafus with promptness and efficiency while performing every task with their profit margins in mind. Meaning lasting fixes that best fit your business structure!

When your business chooses us as your “guy,” you become our priority. Be it an emergency, a minor hiccup, or an upgrade, we’ll arrive at your earliest convenience and ensure your business's plumbing systems are conducive to a thriving environment!

Not sure we’re the best plumber Markham has to offer? Look us up on Google and you’ll see an array of 5 star reviews. We care about helping local York Region businesses prosper and operate with optimal capabilities! Interested in our plumbing services for your business? Give us a call at 647-297-9852, or contact us through our website!

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