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The Straight Flush on Bathroom Renovations

The possibilities aren't necessarily endless when renovating your bathroom. But with the right planning, it's amazing what can be done!

Even in light of the current weather conditions, we’re still eternal optimists. And as far as we’re concerned, it’s already Spring! In fact, we’re replacing our winter coats and toques with flip flops and hot pants (yes, we wear short shorts, how else are we supposed to show off our trademark plumbers’ quads?).

With sunnier weather on the horizon, it means more motivation to renovate your home—whether it’s because you want to sell or you’re simply in need of a change.

One of the primary renovations in which Canadians invest is bathrooms. In fact, in 2017, bathroom upgrades comprised 31% of the nation’s total home makeover projects. And why not? Bathrooms largely impact a home’s value.

For the above reasons, we’re invested in your investment… and we want you to renovate your bathroom the right way—so we hope you deeply examine our expert renovation tips!

1. Know the Lay of the Land

You don’t want to dream too big…or too small. Your floor plan is going to have its limitations but it also may present creative opportunities for design features.

Assess whether or not your plans are an ideal fit for your bathroom’s layout.

2. Pummel Potential Permit Problems

Various bathroom upgrade projects, such as rough-Ins, require permits. The solution? Research. And when you’re done researching, do some more research.

You don’t want the image of your dream bathroom to evaporate because you neglected due diligence.

3. Take a Measured Approach

It is integral to be precise with dimensions and measurements of your current fixtures and furniture. Store them in your phone or laptop for easy access. Then, when you’re out looking for new appliances, you’ll have an immediate point of reference.

This is especially important if you’re not doing a complete overhaul and mixing your upgrades with older installations.

4. Save Your Energy

We strongly prioritize energy efficiency over everything. So, when you’re purchasing a new toilet, sink faucet, or toilet—do your best to find green-friendly models.

You won’t be sacrificing form or function. Today’s energy efficient fixtures have elegantly modern designs and top-notch performance capabilities.

What’s more, is that most realtors believe energy efficient fixtures increase the value of a home.

5. Lack of Bathtub = Lack of Profits?

This tip specifically applies to those looking to boost the price of their home.

Ripping out a bathtub and replacing it with a stand-up shower will hurt your chances of selling to a certain segment of the homebuyer’s market. Family’s with younger children tend to scoff at a lack of a bathtub.

Instead, update the tub itself or combine it with a shower.

6. Budgeting =/= Settling for Poor Quality

Budgeting limitations can be a real burden. If you’re strapped enough for cash that you’re forced to settle for cheap materials, consider holding off on the renovations until you save up enough funds for a better quality upgrade.

Plus, cheap labour and materials will likely lead to more costs down the road once you’ve accounted for the eventual replacements and repairs. Furthermore, if you’re selling, buyers do their research and will detect poor work, so it’ll hurt your bottom line.

7. Don’t be “That” Neighbour

Be polite. Renovations are noisy and your neighbour doesn’t need to be disturbed when they’re trying to relax after work or even go to bed. Organize for renovations to be done between 9am – 5pm.

8. Have a Contingency for Your Contingencies

With matters such as your budget and your desired design, it’s great to have a plan in place.

However, we’re here to tell you that things rarely go as planned. You can prepare for every last detail and have everything flipped on its head. It sounds like we’re sucking and blowing at the same time. But we aren’t. What we’re actually saying, is be extra prepared.

Don’t throw out a number and say it’s your budget. Create an ideal or goal budget as well as a “worst case scenario budget”. Envision the ideal design, but have a backup design in place. It’ll be easier for you to pivot when you’re thrown for a loop if you’re ready for the unexpected.

9. Choose the Classiest Plumber in Markham

Oh… and also the best plumber in Markham, Megan Drew. From installations to repairs and rough-ins, we’ll ensure your bathroom renovation blows your freaking mind! (With how good it is because we rule).

Looking for a plumber in Markham? Contact us today!

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