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Don’t Flush Your Nest Egg Down the Toilet

Looking to sell your home? Follow our plumbing and mechanical tips before you put your home on the market!

The housing market might not be abuzz like it was in 2016 and 2017, but the average house price in Markham is still $859,601. So, let’s not act like there isn’t money to make. Just because the market slowed in 2018 compared to the ludicrousness of the two years prior, doesn’t mean there isn’t any demand.

What it does mean, however, is demand isn’t as outrageous as it once was. You can’t sell you’re your home, sight unseen, for 7 figures anymore.

The pendulum has shifted back towards the buyer. Sellers are getting a little bit more competitive and more pains need to be taken to ensure you get your asking price. Unfortunately, instead of just putting your home on the market and letting your real estate agent take care of the rest, now you have to worry far more about staging tactics and extra renovations.

It would be great to wait out the real estate slowdown but research suggests that’s not happening any time soon. At least for the foreseeable future.

Your house has to be in ship shape. That includes your plumbing and mechanical system. Imagine if you put your house on the market, then a burst pipe causes a flood in your basement! Such poor timing could hurt your selling price drastically—the longer your home takes to sell, the more the dollars dwindle.

Read on for some helpful tips to avoid plumbing snafus when your house is on the market.

To Upgrade or Not to Upgrade

You want to maximize your profit as much as humanly possible. Sometimes that means not spending on unnecessary upgrades.

We’re not going to lie. Getting a good return on your renovations investment takes a measured approach. Imagine spending $5,000 on a bathroom overhaul, and it only gets you $2,000 extra on your house. Was it really worth your time?

However, USA Today reports that a minor bathroom remodel could lead to a 102% return on your investment. If your bathroom is outdated functionally and aesthetically, there’s really no other option.

Of course, part of remodelling involves new fixtures. Consider installing showerheads with superior water pressure or the latest in high-efficiency toilets and sinks to get with your new floors and cabinets.

And make sure you hire Markham’s best plumber to get the job done right!

Buyers Judge Toilets by Their Seat Covers

A home is, more often than not, the biggest purchase someone will ever make. Therefore, buyers are going to be very picky.

Expect neurosis to the highest degree. While your Real Estate Agent is showcasing your home, strangers will assess every crevice of your faucets, toilet bowls, and showerheads. Get down and dirty and do a deep clean of all fixtures.

Even if your fixtures are working on all cylinders, when they look rusty and uncared for, people will assume the worst.

Safe is Better Than Plumbing Disasters

Before putting up your ‘for sale’ sign, bring in a serviceman to take look at your plumbing and mechanical systems in their entirety.

Time is always of the essence. The longer your home lingers on the market, the smaller your return. If a previously undetected plumbing snafu turns off potential buyers, you could be losing a lot of money. Repairs and upgrades, while you’re in the midst of selling, mean your profits could shrink considerably while you’re doling out the extra cash for unforeseen renovations.

A plumber can catch discrepancies so you won’t be faced with any issues come crunch time.

But when you hire a plumber to inspect your home before selling, make sure it’s someone you trust, like Megan Drew. Our team of plumbers has your best interests at heart, and will only provide you with the information to ensure you make the most money on your home.

Whether you need a new sink, toilet, sump pump, or your plumbing is in perfect condition, we’ll give you the straight flush!

Contact us today!

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