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Need a New Toilet? Then Here’s the Straight Flush

In this week's blog, Megan Drew explains what you need to think about when purchasing a new toilet.

Fred’s been good to you over the years. Loyal, trustworthy, and durable as anything. But Fred’s starting to show signs of wear. Cracks in his foundation, if you will. And it may be time to finally move on from Fred. No, Fred isn’t your pet dog. Fred is your trusty toilet, who for some reason, you’ve named Fred.

Be it form or function, you’ll have your reasons for replacing your toilet and installing a new one. It may not flush the way it used to, or it’s just plain ugly. The fact is, you want a new one, and we at Megan Drew are going to guide you on your expedition to a new purchase!

Flushing Isn’t Finite

Most toilets in homes have the traditional attributes we’re most accustomed to. There’s a flapper at the bottom of the tank opening up and allowing gravity to take care of the flushing. These are known as gravity feed toilets. However, this isn’t your only flushing option.

The toilets of today are bound by the immutable laws of gravity. They flush with the future in mind! Pressure assisted toilets utilize air pressure for a quicker, more powerful flush. You’d have seen them in public toilets, but there’s no reason you can’t get them installed in your home. Given the sheer force of the flush, they’re able to suck down extra residue, keeping your toilet cleaner for longer as well as powering through more clogs than a standard flush.

Unfortunately, a huge pitfall of pressure assisted toilets is they waste more water. Secondarily, they’re also more expensive. However, dual flush toilets carry both gravity feed and pressure assisted flushing systems. This way, you can use the gravity feed for easy-to-flush liquid waste and the pressure flush for solid waste.

We haven’t even touched upon the most futuristic option: touchless flushing. No, it’s not a magic trick (or is it?). It’s the height of flushing-technology and you can have it in your home. While some newer toilets come with touchless flushing, you can actually modify other toilets with an aftermarket touchless flushing system. The flush is sensor-activated, put into action by waving your hand over the sensor--providing a great way to avoid excess germs.

Do the Toilet Math!

There’s a little equation we like to consider when looking for the ideal toilet. Bowl height multiplied by bowl shape should equal a proper fitting and functioning toilet! We get you may be in awe of a sleek toilet design, but if it’s not going to work within the confines of your bathroom space, you’ve purchased a toilet you can’t use!

Standard bowl height is 15 inches, but can rise or drop by 5 inches. If you have mobility issues, taller toilets may be the best choice, while smaller toilets are good for families with younger children.

Lastly, you’ll be choosing between an elongated or rounded bowl shape. Elongated bowls are the more comfortable choice, as their oval form offers more surface area for the rump. Whereas rounder bowls are better for smaller bathrooms as they take up less space, but are also less comfortable.

The good news is elongated bowls come in different lengths, so you can split the difference and get the benefit of the comfort and lesser size.

Green Friendly Flushes

The WaterSense program designates plumbing fixtures that help you save water. Every WaterSense certified toilet uses 1.28 gallons per flush or less. Like most green friendly plumbing options, this will save water and money.

And when you’ve decided on your new toilet, you know who to come to for the installation – Megan Drew Plumbing of course. We’re more knowledgeable than Thomas Crapper, and twice as handsome. If you live in Markham, Stouffville, Uxbridge, or in the surrounding York Region areas, contact us for a pain-free toilet installation!

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