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Megan Drew’s Plumbing Hacks #1: Unclogging Your Toilet Without a Plunger

We’d like to welcome you to our new series: plumbing hacks. Simple solutions you maybe didn’t think of that remedy inconvenient plumbing situations. Consider us your resident plumbing Macgyvers.

We aspire to Richard Dean Anderson's mullet

For our first edition, let’s set the scene. You’ve got a hot date at your significant other’s place. Unfortunately, the clam chowder served at candle light isn’t sitting well and suddenly, nature is calling urgently, and you can’t ignore its desperate please. Long story short—you’ve clogged your date’s toilet and you want to keep it under wraps, lest a night of unbridled romance turns into a night of unbridled humiliation.

Do not fret… you can de clog the toilet without that embarrassing request for a plunger, and here’s how:

Tools for the job

Water Large cup/waste paper basket

How to

First and foremost, stopping flowing water is crucial for any plumbing job – nothing like a flood to extinguish those home fires. You’ll likely have to physically bend down to the back of a toilet and turn the water off at the valve, but in the case of a simple plugged toilet, closing the flapper will do. Wondering what a flapper is? When you flush the toilet, the flapper lifts, letting water flow into the bowl). It looks something like this:

The mythical flapper.

If you want to remove the flapper, take off the cover on the back of the tank, and follow the chain down to the bottom of the tank. Thankfully, it’s clean water so you can stick your hand in it without worrying about a gruesome aftermath. The chain connects to a plug preventing running water from leaving the tank to the toilet bowl. So, you need to more the valve closed to stop the flowing water.

You then need to find a vessel for your water; either a cup or a waste paper basket. Fill with the hottest water possible, then pour into the clogged toilet. Ideally, the heat breaks down the substance clogging the commode, and eliminates the problem.

If you’ve found steps 1-3 haven’t worked, try adding soap. Whether hand soap or shampoo, the extra ingredients work to break down the toilet contents, clearing the plug.

From there, you can return to your night of romance, unscathed!

Some plumbing snafus go beyond a clever and resourceful “hack”. We’re no love gurus, so we can’t fix your romantic life in the aftermath, but we can fix your plumbing and mechanical system better than almost anyone in the industry. If you’re looking for an experienced, reliable plumber in the York Region, contact us, and we’ll be your plumbing guru!

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