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Don't Let a Leaky Toilet Dampen Your Life

Just because your bathroom floor is leaky doesn't mean you have to prepare for battle. The fix may be simple.

There’s nothing more unsettling than waking up in the morning to a wet bathroom floor. Suddenly you need to assess and trouble shoot any potential property damage. Then you need to consider if you can even afford a repair. Then you need to make amendments in your budget. Then you need to find a pillow, punch it repeatedly, and use it to muffle the diverse string of obscenities hurling from your mouth. All before you’ve wiped the sleep dust from your eye.

If you find out the problem stems from the base of your toilet it might actually be the best case scenario, since leaks from this particular area aren’t always rocket science. In fact, it may be a simple fix. In today’s blog, Megan Drew is going through common causes and possible solutions for toilet base leaks.

Out of Whack Wax Rings

Your toilet’s wax ring is mounted between the underside of its base and the flange attached to the waste line in the floor. A poorly-functioning wax ring could lead to a really nasty mess in the form of flushed sewage emanating from your bathroom floor. It may be a simple fix instead of a replacement because wax rings should last the shelf-life of a toilet.

The wax ring is cheap to replace but it’s difficult to install, so you may still be on the hook for a service call (albeit not an overly stressful when you hire a plumber worth their salt).

Maybe Your Bathroom is Sweating

Your wet floor may not be a problem at all (other than being a slipping hazard), but instead just a result of condensation. If you live in a place with high-humidity your floors may be sweating. If water pools up after wiping down your toilet bowl, the issue runs deeper than condensation and you may need to bring in a professional.

Unglued and Unscrewed

Loose bolts – responsible for holding toilet fixtures in place – could be the chief culprit of a leaking toilet. Your toilet base won’t be fixed properly into the floor when the bolts are firmly in place. Rectifying this problem is simple. Just tighten the bolts firmly into the floor.

Cracks in the Foundation

If your toilet bowl is cracked, it’s one of the worst case scenarios. The crack isn’t mutually exclusive to the base of your toilet and could be anywhere. Since water pressure inside the toilet forces water out the cracks, they’ll run down the toilet bowl and pool at the base of the toilet.

The repair is a bit of a headache, as you’ll need to empty your toilet bowl and fill the cracks with waterproof sealant. If your efforts aren’t successful, you’ll need a new toilet.

And if you need a reliable local Markham plumber to install your new toilet with ease and proficiency, Megan Drew has a team of experts that’ll get the job done in a jiffy. In fact, if your toilet’s leaking and you can’t figure out the problem, we’ll assess, repair, and have everything ship shape before you can blink. You’ll barely remember there was a problem in the first place. Contact us today if you’re dealing with any plumbing snafu in Markham, Stouffville, Uxbridge, or elsewhere throughout the York Region!

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