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How to Speed Up Your Slow Draining Sink

A slow draining sink is the bane of many homeowners. One second you’re rinsing some dishes, and the next second your sink is filled to the brim and you’re ducking for cover. It’s usually the result of pasta, rice, coffee grounds, and grease gumming up the works. It’s understandable—you get lazy like everyone else and try force the larger debris down your drain. Unfortunately, while it seems like the path of least resistance, it’s actually a path to getting soaked while rinsing your dishes.

The Best Defence is a Good Offence

You know what suck? Slow draining sinks.

Chunkier items give the water nowhere to go and clogs up the sink, bath, or shower basin. One of the best ways to combat the issue is by using a strainer in your kitchen sink to catch large chunks of debris before they get into the sink and put them in your compost bin instead of shoving them down the drain. If you apply preventative measures, you won’t have to deal with clogs to begin with.

The Dreaded Slow Draining Bathroom Sink

We aren’t just talking kitchen sinks. Specifically, what if your bathroom sink is clogged with hair (shudders)? We all know how it makes brushing your teeth and shaving a race against the clock.

First, clear out the compiled hair and debris. To do so, you’ll want to use something called a zip-it tool as seen below:

The zip-it tool is a cheap and efficient way to neutralize clogs

At six dollars, the zip-it is as cost efficient as it is mechanically efficient. Just place it into the drain to catch hair and debris, and then pull the gunk right out. This frugal tool can be utilized in a sink drain even with a sink pop-up in place due to its sleek stature, offering quite the bang for your buck.

Pop Out Your Pop-Up

Interestingly enough, your sink pop-up could be the chief contributor to your slow draining problem. Its awkward shape collects debris. If your zip-it tool isn’t up to the task or you don’t have a zip-it, remove your pop-up then clean it out.

As pop-ups are commonly installed with a nut attached directly to drain just under the sink, you’ll have to locate said nut and remove it in order to remove the pop-up. Then your pop-up can be pulled from the sink drain, cleaned, then reinstalled.

Keep it Green

You can maintain clean drains by using natural, green-friendly, homemade drain cleaner. The following directions are from

Did you know that clogged drains can deplete your health and finances? It’s why we’ve offered these steps for you to neutralize clogged drains. Unfortunately, these DIY methods aren’t always up to the task, in which case, Megan Drew applies green friendly solutions to clear you sink clogs. Contact your #1 Markham plumber , and we'll ensure your drains get back to their flowing best.

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