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Functioning Sump Pumps Are Your Best Flood Insurance

By reading today's blog, you'll understand why your sump pump requires your undivided attention

Since sump pumps are chiefly responsible for water drainage from the foundation of your home, the importance of optimal function cannot be understated. Frankly, for a lack of better phrasing, you need to show your sump pump the appropriate amount of love. This mechanical system stalwart is as integral to a well-run household as Sunday dinners, Saturday morning chores, and torturing the children with an endless barrage of dad jokes (but really, what do you call a fake noodle? An impasta!)

Any seeps in the cracks could cause bedlam. Suddenly your children have fallen in with the wrong crowd, and joined one of those rogue barbershop quartets (Oh the humanity!) With a sump pump, it’s much more literal in that your family is faced with the consequences of a flooded home.

A Sump Pump That's Broken Bad

Some sump pumps are bad from the start—in that they aren’t correctly equipped for your home. If there’s a flood, an ill-fitting pump will be completely useless. Also, if there’s no water in your sump pump, it’s a good indication that it’s not properly configured with the drainage system.

Keep your eye out for clogs because it can cause a huge back up and be mindful of shifts in the pumps position because it could hinder the mechanical switch. Your sump pump may lose power or a bottom build-up of dirt and debris could cause clogs.

Your sump pump should always be running. That’s why your watchful eye is so crucial in maintaining your sump pump.

Keeping Your Sump Pump on the Right Track

While we do offer maintenance services to businesses and home, we also want to help you avoid the expenses of a service call you can avoid. So here’s what you can do to maintain your sump pump:

· Inspect for cracks and broken parts.

· A check valve keeps the water from re-entering the sump pump, and a discharge line allows the pump to send water away from your basement. Go outside to where your discharge line empties out, and clear debris around or inside the opening, then inspect the check valve. If either has an issue, it’ll cause flooding and mechanical problems.

· Do scheduled tests of your sump pump by filling a bucket of water and pouring it into your sump pump pit. Provided your sump pump starts operating immediately, there’s nothing to worry about. A delayed response or any apparent malfunctions means you need the help of a professional, immediately.

If while checking your Sump Pump you notice a problem, Megan Drew is fluent in the language of Sump Pumps, of which we have thirty-plus years of experience fixing and maintaining. Either give us a call at (647) 297-9852, or contact us through our website!

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