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Will Robots Say ‘Hasta La Vista’ to Leakages

We're back.

If James Cameron had a side gig as a plumber, he’d have written “Plumbinator”—a blood-pumping action thriller about a cyborg and his trusty plunger who had a thick Austrian accent and an appetite for (fixing) destruction.

It sounds a little over the top (and frickin awesome), but recent technological developments suggest we may be closer to Judgment Day than you think.

The University of Waterloo has teamed with a group of industry experts to develop AI (Artificial Intelligence) tech that could feasibly detect even the most minuscule leak.

Heightened Hearing

Any evidence of a leak is identified by a myriad of revolutionary signal processing techniques work in unison with AI software. Hydrophone sensory devices pre-process acoustic data, opening up channels for algorithms that can adapt to various machines in order to identify leaks. The algorithms isolate signs from many sources of noise in any given water dispersal system.

Plus, the sensors offer easy usability, installation, and removability. They can be installed and uninstalled from existing fire hydrants without burdensome excavation processes—there isn’t even a need for a hydrant to ever be out of service.

Budget Boosting Power

The primary benefit of this premier technology is that cities and municipalities can allocate resources towards maintenance and repairs with more precision.

Instead of being taken aback by unforeseen plumbing issues, the sensory AI will offer municipalities previously unavailable insights. Therefore, decision-makers can proactively manage inexpensive minor problems before they turn into budget-sucking disasters.

Leakages: Reeking Havoc On a City

Concerning levels of water-waste continue to haunt North American countries. Somewhere between treatment and delivery into the municipal water systems, more than 13% of clean water is wasted as a result of leaks, bursts, and a multitude of other plumbing and mechanical deficiencies.

Water-wastage doesn’t only have budgetary consequences. It also has more negative environmental implications than you could ever imagine.

Covert Leaks Go Undetected for Years

While various mechanisms do catch major mechanical emergencies such as bursts and floods through pressure changes, volume fluctuation, or water rising to the surface -- small leaks remain unnoticed for eons.

These undetectable leaks don’t just flood a city with burdensome repair expenses. They gradually deteriorate and damage structural foundations and are the chief culprits of health hazards.

Detecting these leaks during their formative state will prevent a relative apocalypse in city systems.

A Leak-Free Future?

The AI-infused hydrant sensors can already accurately track the tiniest of leaks—around 17 litres per minute in lab testing. There are high hopes that these innovative devices will eventually locate leaks precisely so cities can further prioritize and execute repairs.

We aren’t exactly AI experts, but we’re undoubtedly prolific with a plunger and righteous at rough-ins. If you live in Markham, Stouffville, or Uxbridge, you’d think we were enhanced cyborgs powered by AI tech because we’re so efficient at resolving plumbing snafus and installing fixtures. Contact us today if you’re looking for a plumber with superhuman levels of service.

And pfft, we bet Schwartzeneger is hopeless with a soldering iron…

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Dec 07, 2020

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