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How to Prepare Your Cottage for Spring: Money-Saving Tips and Tricks For Plumbing

Updated: May 2

Family Playing at the cottage

Spring has sprung!

We've collectively survived another winter in the Great White North, take a minute and give yourself a pat on the back! No, really, go ahead: you deserve it.

As the mercury heads north once again and the warmth relieves us of ice and snow, it's time to think about what the season brings... lazy days at the cottage, beers, barbeques, April showers, and May flowers.

Sadly the season brings its own type of drudgery in the form of re-opening the cottage, flooding from the thaw, and entertaining for your in-laws.

We have to put in some work to reap the full benefits of Spring, and in this blog we hope to help ease you through it all so you can get right down to making the most of this short respite from the cold.

Two men laughing and enjoying a beer

There is something so essentially Canadian about cottage season. The majestic outdoors. The peace and tranquility. And – most importantly – the brewskies.

Your goal is achieving maximum leisure time; you need to set yourself up for success to ensure a smooth transition into your summer home. Admittedly, we’re never surprised to hear cottage plumbing horror stories from members of the community, as the rustic conditions we seek tend to render less than ideal plumbing situations throughout Ontario’s scenic backwoods. Let's see how we can help with some money-saving plumbing advice.

Feed Your Septic Tank As Soon As Possible

Similar to a grizzly bear, septic tanks remain dormant throughout the winter months. Since they aren’t in use, septic tanks won’t be fully functioning when you open your cottage. The bacteria inside goes stagnant, meaning many an upset cottager during the season’s first few visits. Fixing this problem may get your hands a little dirty, but it’s short term pain for long term gain. Simply feed your septic tank sources of bacteria; roadkill and animal waste are your best bets—as gruesome as it might sound. Your heroic sacrifice will reintroduce bacteria into the system, activating optimal function. Alternatively, you could purchase bacteria from a local hardware store. It's really up to you how much of an adventure you want this to be.

Yellow and Blue Pump Truck

We also suggest pumping your septic tank every one to three years, preferably in the spring time.

Don’t Let Your Water Get the Best of You

Opening your cottage can be excruciating and there’s not enough tall cans in the world to make it any easier. But, you’re a cottage owner—opening tasks such as restoring your water supply are the price you pay for summer time bliss.

Reconnecting water pipes, cleaning/filling your water pump, replacing your filter, filling up your hot water tank, and restoring water to the cottage are all essential before the season starts. It’s quite the laundry list, and frankly, a yearly nightmare for even the most seasoned of cottage owners.

If you aren’t familiar with visually inspecting your water lines, pump, or your

entire system, you won’t know what warning signs to look for. Many folks even have to haul the water to prime the pump by hand! Who’d have thought relaxing took so much work?

We suggest hiring a professional on a one-time basis if only to show you the ropes. Or, finding your closest plumber friend under the guise of a fishing weekend and getting him or her to do all the work. You know, whatever works for you. Check out our blog on how to find a reputable plumber near you.

Redefining Expectations
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