Redefining Expectations
Redefining Expectations

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This month: Keeping your pipes running smoothly


The vast majority of clogged sinks, backed-up toilets and flooding drains are the result of nothing more than regular use over time. By following a few simple steps, you can help keep your system flowing smoothly for far longer than usual with a negligible financial investment.


1. Use Strainers.


Food detrius is one of the principal offenders when it comes to clogging a drain. With the simple addition of strainers to your kitchen basins you can avoid the largest particles from adding to the inevitable, gradual buildup of gunk in your pipes.


2. Keep oils and fats away.


They may seem pretty harmless, but these two when combined make up an astounding amount of the buildup in anyone's home. They are notoriously resilient to almost any cleaning method short of harsh surfactants or highly corrosive acids, so the more of this you can keep away from your drain, the better.


3. Flush your system.


Another simple trick to keep your system running flawlessly is to periodically flush it with a solution that will help to break-down and carry away the unwanted crud that is accumulating over time.


We at Megan-Drew highly advocate the use of enzyme-based products. Enzyme cleaners use an active bacteria that breaks the hardened detrius in your pipes into a goop that easily washes away, instead of a highly caustic chemical concoction that can be hazardous to handle while also corroding the drains it's introduced to. They're also enviromentally friendly, as an added bonus.


We hope that you find this information useful, check back with us periodically for more tips and tricks to save money and avoid troublesome plumbing problems!

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